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Storm Damage from Hurricane Sandy

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Call TriServe at 301-792-5475 or 301-792-5476

Storm damage water removal should be treated just the same as sewage cleanup, in a quick and careful manner. Bacteria can still linger in storm water and must be extracted as soon as possible.  Even if the water looks clear it should be treated with prompt attention since any type of water can cause the spread of mold and mildew if left untreated.  Insurance companies usually respond to these type of emergencies as quickly as possible.  Please be mindful that storm damage is usually rampid and could last many days to be assessed by adjustors.  Do not wait for the insurance company to come and look.  Call TriServe immediately to pump out the water. Pictures of the damage can be taken by TriServe or by the owner and be sent to the adjustor later.  In fact, they will appreciate the work being done expediantely, so that there is less potential for further problems, such as mold or mildew.  

Please be patient for the responders.  There are often many people with the same problem in your area.  Often there are waiting lists when a hurricane or strong storm comes through.  Don't delay.  Make your call immediate so that the damage can be minimized as quickly as possible.  TriServe hires extra crews during heavy storms when possible to help make the process faster.  Disaster management teams will be available on call during hurricanes and heavy storms.