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TriServe offers carpet and rug cleaning to commercial and residential customers!

We offer truck mounted and portable carpet/rug cleaning, as well as VCT/ ceramic tile cleaning, and hardwood sanding and refinishing. 

We use affordable, baby-safe, and eco-friendly chemicals, and offer scotchguard as well.  We clean it all:  pet odors/ urine stains, wine, paint, dirt, blood, and/ or vomit. You name it, we clean it.  

We suggest getting the carpet cleaned every 6 months to strengthen the integrity of the fibers of your carpet.  With our powerful extraction methods, the coiled fibers will tighten better and extend the life of your carpet or rug. 

We also can repair your rug or carpets as well, whether that be restretching, patching, or replacing the fringe on the edge of the rug.carpet steam cleaning service  

If your carpet or flooring has made it through its warranty you may want to consider purchasing new carpet or flooring through TriServe, as well.  We bring the samples right to your home, with many choices to select from.  

Our technicians are highly trained professionals, who have a lot of expertise in flooring.  They can offer good advice for your floors and are very efficient and honest.  They will not try to sell you something you don't need.  If we can clean it, we will.  If it needs to be replaced we will let you know.  

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