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What is a flood?
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If you have a flood, call our disaster team immediately. 301-792-5475 or 301-792-5476!

What is a flood? A flood can happen to anyone.  If you live in a flood zone area, or flood plain, you may have flash floods or flooding.  You should also check to see if you have flood insurance before a storm and after a storm before calling a professional to clean up the flood.  You can take pictures of the flood in your basement or affected area and save the flood pictures for the insurance company and for the flood damage restoration company, such as TriServe, Inc.. To be floodsmart, one should consider waterproofing the basement, placing sandbags, and other devices to keep the water away from the home.  Calling a plumber, contractor, or foundation specialist can help prevent any larger flooding than necessary.  This will help with an insurance claim as well.

Whether the insurance company can help you or not, you should call TriServe once the water has entered into the home or business. Try to get things away from the affected area before they get wet.  TriServe will respond as soon as the water comes in and we will begin our water mitigation services promptly.  Our company can take care of the rest, including the removal of all belongings, safeguarding the home, and drying out the affected area.  Flood damage repair can happen as soon as the water enters, but will only be effective once all the water stops coming into the home and can be looked at by the necessary professionals. TriServe can mitigate the area within minutes.  Within 3 days the area should be completely dry.  If it is not dry, then there may be further action to find any seepage of water.

When anyone has a flood, it can seem overwhelming at first.  Calling TriServe, Inc. as soon as it happens will save a lot of angst and stress because we will take care of most of the job.  Calling promptly will also save you from having any further complications, such as mold or musty smells.  

Don't worry, TriServe can dry out your carpet, floors, and walls, extract and cleanup all the water, sewage, and debris, and make your floor new again.  As a flood restoration company we can repair and restore your damaged floors and walls using only professional equipment and sanitation pracices, especially if you have a  sewage spill or backup, or mold.  Sewage spill cleanup needs special attention and detail for a water damage expert, which uses water extraction services specific to each category of flood or type of water.