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Water Damage

We provide 24hr Emergency Service for Water Damage Restoration to commercial (including churches, offices, schools)  and residential customers in Montgomery, Howard, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, and Baltimore Counties in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia  within 60 minutes. We also service other East coast states, such as PA, DE, VA, WV, NC, NJ, NY, and RI who FEMA has declared a state of emergency.  Our company has a disaster management team that services outside our local area.  
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We are the answer to your prayers!  
If your basements’ sump pump has failed, a pipe(s) has burst, or you just have basement seepage, TriServe can quickly clean up your water damaged basement or any other location in your home or place of business.  
If your basement flooded severely or has damage related to a septic tank or sewage please see our page on Floods and Sewage.
If you have a musty basement, please call immediately.  Mold remediation costs are often more than water damage remediation costs.   It is important to keep basements dry.  Even when a dry basement may “seem” dry on the floor, the moisture from the floor rises into the walls and through the vents, possibly causing potential health threats among those residing in the home or office, and further mold or other water damage problems
If you have a pre-existing Moldy Basement,  a mold remediation specialist should be contacted.  These companies use mold remediation products that should only be used by professionals for the protection of anyone residing or working in that area.
We highly recommend that you have a water basement sealing company in addition to water remediation.  You should have your basement, office, or other area repaired wherever there are leaks or pipes that have burst to prevent any future problems.  
Triserve knows how to finish basements and any floor affected after they have been flooded or gotten wet.  Even if your finished basement or room needs repair from the waterdamage, our company can not only extract all the water, dry out every nook and cranny, but we reinstall your floors with new carpet, hardwood, tile, or vinyl, and repair  drywall, including the painting
A Basement Flood or water leak in any room is never an easy thing to handle.  We take every customer’s needs into consideration.  By reacting within 60 minutes, we try to salvage as much as we can.  Unfortunately, we cannot save everything, but we try our best.  We use the latest technology for extracting and drying out the water.  Sometimes sections of shoe mould and baseboard need to be removed as well depending upon the saturation and the category of the water.      

*Carpet Waterdamage


If your carpets or rugs need carpet restoration or rug cleaning, we will provide free pick up and delivery for wet rugs.  We will dry the carpets onsite using professional industrial size drying equipment and sanitation practices to ensure the greatest possible efforts of restoring the carpet to its original vitality.   The wet carpet pad needs to be removed. Wet carpet drying must be done asap to prevent the mould from growing. 

*Floor Water Damage


Removing water from flooring has to be done asap. Depending upon the type of water, not all floors are salvageable, as well.  Special equipment and extraction must be done asap.  TriServe will answer 24hr  everyday.  Water Damaged Floors


*Wall Water Damage

Water damaged drywall
can cause hazards when it loses its retention and can break and fall from ceilings, grow mould within the wall.  Water trapped in between the wall can also cause electrical problems and potential fires.  Wet drywall or damaged drywall should assessed by a licensed professional to ensure the safety of the structure.  TriServe has drywall repair technicians who can provide this service asap